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The overarching objective of  MASTER is to form an international and inter-sectoral network of organisations working on a joint research programme to define new methods to build, manage and analyse multiple aspects semantic trajectories.

We convey the idea that pure movement data can be enriched with multiple heterogeneous contextual aspects. These aspects are intimately interconnected and should be referenced as a whole as holistic trajectories.

We propose methods to analyze and infer knowledge from holistic trajectories, considering as vital issues the privacy and big data dimensions. The privacy issue is particularly critical for analysing trajectory semantic rich data, therefore MASTER consortium is assisted by the Independent Ethics Advisor Prof. Bettina Berendt and an Ethical Committee (Dr. Rosaria de Luca from CNR, Prof. Tommaso Piazza from UNIVE and Prof. Celia Zolynsky from UVSQ).

We will be driven by potential market opportunities benefitting the European society in the field of tourism, sea monitoring and public transportation.

The scientific concept of MASTER is driven by five research challenges around the definition, management and analysis of holistic trajectories.