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Issue N 10 October 2023

The tenth issue of the MASTER newsletter is ready!

You can download it from here 


Welcome to the 10th issue of the MASTER newsletter! 

The project lasted from March 2018 to December 2023 for a total of 6 years with the suspension of activities during 2 years of COVID, due to travel restrictions. We have executed almost 100 secondments months to and from international and non academic institutions. Of these 100 secondments, 83 are from Europe to International and non academic institutions. More than 40 staff members from consortium partners travelled. Of them, 12 are female, 18 Experienced researchers, 21 Early stage researchers and 1 technical profile, thus proving the good balance among the different profiles.

We have published 52 peer reviewed papers witnessing the high scientific productivity of the project interactions. These papers can be found in the website under “documents and publications” and Zenodo group under “master-h2020-msca-rise-project”.

We have organized a special issue on “Multiple-aspect analysis of semantic trajectories” in a very prestigious journal, IJGIS. References can be foun on the MASTER website.

Besides the 100 person months of secondments, the project activity focuses on many events:  the DSM summer school held in Santorini in October 2022; the Dagstuhl seminar held online (during COVID) in January 2022, three MASTER workshops held in 2018, 2022, 2023 and one joint workshop MASTER and PRINT held in Florianopolis in November 2019.

In addition to the partners participation in events organised outside the project we reached a total of about 20.000 persons.

The project has been assisted by Prof. Bettina Berendt, our Independent Ethics Advisor, who has guided us in reflecting on the potential ethical implications arising from the management and analysis of multiple aspects of trajectories. However, Bettina’s contributions extend far beyond this role. She actively engaged in project activities, demonstrating a unique blend of expertise and empathy.

MASTER has been an incredible journey, spanning over 2000 days together as a consortium! Throughout this journey, we’ve experienced numerous highs, as well as a few challenges (such as the COVID period). In all this journey the partners, the IEA and all secondees maintained a remarkably strong connection, supporting each other and diligently working towards our project objectives and results.

I want to take a moment to express my true appreciation to each and every one of MASTER partners and secondees. Thank you for dedicating your time and energy to MASTER. The outstanding project results we’ve achieved are a testament to your hard work and dedication. Without a doubt, you are the best consortium ever!

I extend my gratitude to Michela Rial, who joined and  supported us during challenging times and remained committed to navigating us through the complexities of RISE management.

A special mention goes to Beatrice Rapisarda for her invaluable support to MASTER infusing our communications and dissemination efforts with creative intelligence. From designing and creating our newsletter, to designing the graphics and web sites of all our events. Additionally, her participation as a secondee has enriched the consortium with her wealth of experience.

I am also in debt to all ISTI staff for their prompt support during the many challenges we had to face.

In this issue of the newsletter, we choose to highlight the project events and the feedback from the secondees.

Issue N 9 October 2023

The ninth issue of the MASTER newsletter is ready!

You can download it from here 


Welcome to the 9th issue of the MASTER newsletter! 

As our project is going to the end, we are now running several secondments to finalise the research activities.

We executed 14 secondments from CNR, UPRC, UNIVE, UVSQ and HUA towards our international and non academic partners. Most of these secondments are related to the future challenges of multiple aspects trajectories. It is very interesting to see how many new and interdisciplinary ideas came out from our secondments. Below you can read about our recent secondments and the experience of our secondees.

We also are finalising the preparation the MASTER final workshop that will be held in Hamburg, joint with the prestigious SIGSPATIAL 2023 conference.

Issue N 8 July 2023

The eighth issue of the MASTER newsletter is ready!

You can download it from here 


Welcome to the 8th issue of the MASTER newsletter! 

MASTER entered its final year as the project will finish on December 31, 2023. The activities are many as we fully restarted after the pandemic. 

In this issue we are hosting the project  EMERALDS (Extreme-scale Urban Mobility Data Analytics as a Service) presented by our partner Yannis Theodorids from University of Piraeus.  

We also report about our secondments: UVSQ seconded one staff member to PUC during December 2022, CNR seconded 5 staff members to the Federal University of Santa Catarina in the period March / April 2023 working on the future challenges of the multiple aspects trajectories with the UFSC staff. 

A group of two UVSQ researchers visited our partner at Thira municipality  discussing the next trends in the tourism of the island and possible analysis that can help.

We also report on our past and next events with details on our Mid Term meeting held at our Versailles partners Prof. Zeitouni in February 2023 and the Big Mobility Data Analysis (BMDA)  workshop organised by our partner Alessandra Raffaeta with other colleagues. 

We also highlight the last MASTER event to be held in conjunction with the SIGSPATIAL conference in Hamburg next November 2023 called EMODE “1st ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Methods for Enriched Mobility Data: Emerging issues and Ethical perspectives”.

Issue N 7 December 2022

The seventh issue of the MASTER newsletter is ready!

You can download it from here 

Welcome to the 7th issue of the MASTER newsletter! 

With the easing of COVID related restrictions we can finally travel to our hosting institutions! During the last 8 months we executed 15 secondments to our partners that include Thira, Federal University of Ceara’, Pontifical University of Rio de Janeiro, Dalhousie and CNR. In this newsletter we briefly report about the activities carried out during these secondments. 

We also report about two articles that partners published during the period, one of them, from our partners UFSC and CNR, winning a demo award. 

We also restarted our events and we are so proud to report about the Second MASTER workshop held in Venice hosted by our colleague Dr. Alessandra Raffaeta’ of University Ca’ Foscari! The event entitled “MASTER meets Mobility Industries” has been an amazing opportunity to meet the non academic world and strengthen our collaborations with them! 

We also held our First Summer school called “ Data Science for Mobility ‘’ in the stunning Santorini island. The event was originally planned in April 2020 and then postponed due to the pandemic. 

The DSM summer school has been a n exceptional success since the whole event has been greatly appreciated by our participants. The event has been a unique opportunity to train young scientists in the mobility topic. 

In conjunction with the summer school, we also held a mid term meeting among the MASTER european partners, with the objective of discussing the next secondments. 

Issue N 6 March 2022

The sixth issue of the MASTER newsletter is ready!

You can download from here 

We are very happy that the MASTER project is officially restarting on January 2nd, 2022 after 8 months of formal suspension due to the pandemic restrictions.  Even under a formal interruption, the dissemination activities of MASTER went on since we published papers and we also organised the Dagstuhl Seminar on Mobility and Ethics. 

In this issue, we report on three articles recently published by our partners. The first two papers are proposing methods to store and compare multiple aspects trajectories in an efficient way. A third paper is on the conceptual modeling of dependency rules in multiple aspects trajectories and extending the MASTER model with rules to express dependency between attributes.

Issue N 5 November 2020

The fifth issue of the MASTER newsletter is ready!

You can download from here 

It is undoubted that the COVID-19 pandemic affected the lives of all of us and the MASTER activities in particular.
Nevertheless, the research and dissemination activities related to the project are continuing as much as possible in remote mode.

This issue of the newsletter does not report any secondment but we focus on the projects we are hosting – this month EV-CHIP – and published MASTER papers, as well as events where we have been involved.


Issue N 4 April 2020.

The issue N 4 of the MASTER newsletter has been published! 

You can download from here.

In this issue, a choice of interesting research highlights from the project:

– Predicting Fishing Effort and Catch in the Northern Adriatic Sea

– Uncovering hidden concepts from AIS data

– Prospective Data Model and Distributed Query Processing

Secondments experience

Past and next events, included the First MASTER workshop



Issue N.3 September 2019 

The issue N 3 of the MASTER newsletter has been published! You can download it here.

In this issue, a contribution of Prof. Yannnis Theodoridis from University of Piraeus Research Center.

In this issue we also meet the SoBigData project, the European Research Infrastructure for Big Data and Social Mining. 

You can also find reports, impressions and pictures from our secondees. 

We also introduce a short summary of two research papers recently published:“Towards Semantic-Aware Multiple-Aspect Trajectory Similarity Measuring” and “A network abstraction model for vessel trajectory analysis and anomaly detection” .

Furthermore, you can find a section with past and future events of the project.


Issue N.2 March 2019 

The issue N 2 of the MASTER newsletter has been published! You can download it here.

In this issue you can find an interview with our “coach”, the project adviser Simona Losmanova from the REA agency of the European Commission. 

You can also find reports, impressions and pictures from our secondees. 

We also introduce a short summary of two research papers recently published: the VISTA platform for annotating trajectories and the MASTER conceptual model for multiple aspects trajectories.

Issue N. 1, September 2018

In this first issue we introduce the project, the consortium and report about our kick off event held the last March 2018.

We are very happy and proud that our Independent Ethical Advisor Prof. Bettina Berendt accepted our invitation to prepare a very stimulating article expressing her vision about the need of ethical considerations in data science for holistic trajectories. Prof. Berendt shares her thoughts on two case studies: the well known New York taxi dataset and the controversial topic of the analysis of AIS traces for the detection of search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea, linked to the migration phenomena.