MASTER is a project funded under the  Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions in the RISE program for boosting the carrier perspectives of researchers through secondments of staff to international partners and non academic sector to work jointly in a research and training program. 

The research program of MASTER is based on the joint development of methods and solutions in the field of multiple aspects (or holistic) trajectories. Current state of art methods do not provide “ready to use” methods to define, manage, and analyze these kinds of movement data. There is a need to advance the state of art to investigate novel  techiniques that can be exploited by several applications. Focussing on tourism, sea monitorning and public transportation MASTER will impact crucial challenges in today’s society. 

The participants will exchange skills and knowledge which will allow them to progress towards key advances in the research field, and strengthen research collaborations between different countries and sectors.

The RISE Action (Research and Innovation Staff Exchanges) is a great opportunity for researchers worldwide. 

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